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Welcome to my talk page

Please leave notes/questions/chastisements/haiku/concerns for me here. I will usually respond on your talk page for your convenience. Thanks, and happy editing! Jwrosenzweig

Thanks for the advice

Your heartfelt advice
This admin knows is wisdom
Fear not aggression
Cecropia 20:47, 14 Apr 2004 (UTC)

V Ivanova

The question should go to the reference desk and the article speedily deleted. -- Graham  :) | Talk 22:58, 14 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Thanks a lot for translating Heinrich von Stephan. Looks good, and I was quite pleased to be able to read what we have on him. An interesting fellow, at least to me. Oh, and thanks for the correct translation of "I don't speak German". For some reason I like collecting those; adding German to Japanese, French, and Russian, I'm now up to four languages in which I can correctly (and honestly) express my lack of skill! Isomorphic 00:21, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)



Thanks for your vote in re my admin nomination. In toddling here to thak you I noted that we have in fact crossed paths once or twice. I actually attempted to add to some of the lore at Curse of the Bambino, but my embryo edits were eventually dropped.

I moved to Seattle from Boston around 1980 and regret that I ever left, so your Washington State articles were a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work. Is there any coverage in the WP of the KBO? I've been unable to find any, and it seems to be just the sort of odd thing to fit the WP.

Anyway, thanks again.

If you've time for a little project, I can propose one. There's need for a non-specialist eye to look over the general overview crypto articles (NOT the technical ones about the algorithm intimacies or mathematical analysis of this or that) for obscurity and opacity that escapes those of use working on them. I gather you're not a crypto specialist, and so your eye has would have just the qualities needed. I would of course be willing to return the favor for articles you'd like looked over. Drop me a line if you'd like some suggested beginnings.

ww 18:23, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Yes, the Seafair article was one of those I had in mind. Good luck with Bumbershoot, but you might mention that in such an article that Seattle has the highest sales rate of umbrellas (or so it is alleged) due to enough rain to cause a purchase but not enough to force one to remember to pick it up.

Anyway, the KBO was a tongue in cheek 'organization' (there were (are?) bumper stickers and t-shirts) invented and 'promoted' by P-I columnist <can't remember his name, but his father dug many a Seattle house basement by hand in the 20s and 30s -- the odd things a mind retains, no?) which stands (stood) for Keep the Bastards Out. It began, if memory can be relied upon and it clearly can't as I've just demonstrated, with his observation that everyone who moves to Seattle decides, about 2-3 months later, that there are too many people moving in and they should stay where they are. It was a particular 'problem' during a period when California real estate was going through the roof, but the Microsoft millionaires had not yet bid all Seattle real estate into the stratosphere. There were cries about stop Californicating Washington! and similar. The whole campaign was funny, and worth a WP article. The resemblance to KGB was of course deliberate.

Some other thoughts now that I'm in Seattle mode. Some of Bill Speidel's stories about wild Seattle history ought to find their way into the WP somehow. They're too funny (and true) to be lost in the forests of the NW. An article(s) on the destruction of the NW salmon runs (dams, hatcheries, political dumbth, genetics, wild vs hatchery vs farmed, economics, fishing fleets/personnel, ...) is probably a good thing too. Though I think it would be too large to fit into a single one, and even if I were there still and had ref material at hand, I think I'd be hesitant. But you, of course, should be bold....

As for crypto article review, I wouldn't think that your eye is too specialized. You claim only a casual (not obcessed, as with some) interest. Possible articles are easy to find; try List of cryptography or Topics in cryptography as starters. Or try Enigma (less the technical complex bits), Purple code (yes the title is wrong, but ...), or secure channel, or diplomatic bag, or whatever you'd like. Anything with mathematical notation, or something like it, can probably be skipped for these purposes -- unless, of course, you suspect it's out of place there. I'll gladly accept any perspective you can offer. Narrative arc (or lack thereof), over use of phrases of art in an obscure way, general opacity, fog, confusion, ... Typos are less of a priority as they are less damaging to general reader understanding, though perhaps as hard for one overfamiliar with an article to find.

This is too long. It was nice (and clearly tempting) to talk to someone from the Great rainy NW.

ww 19:03, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Oh my God, what has my big mouth gotten me into! History of literature!!!??? You're talking to a guy who managed to get through college without taking a single literature course of any kind!
Sure, I'll be glad to look at both for you. Be warned, though, that you will be getting a truly naive eye! And take what I have to say (assuming I can find anything!) with that in mind.
And now, off to look at your comments in re Enigma.
I am (truly this time) shocked, just Shocked! to have you to take up my proposition so promptly. I will attempt to be just as prompt. But (literature!?, literature?, oi vey ist mir!). Thanks in advance for the Engima comment(s).
+++ We've got to do something about this automatic insertion of section headings in the edit summary box. It's confusing the <pick a term> out of me when I try to find anything. Do we talk to developers, or what?? ww +++
ww 21:04, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)
It's very clear to me that you're going to get the short end of this stick.
Your comments on Enigma were just the sort of thing I was hoping to get. Exactly and precisely right on. I (or one of us fanatics) are now going to be stuck doing just exactly what we should have done. Make it readable for the general reader. Sigh. You know, I think maybe what I was subconsciously wanting was "Just great. No need to change anything." Oh well.
But that's not quite why I was talking about sticks. I suspect there's not a chance in <pick a location with un Seattlish weather> that I'm going to be able to match you with equivalent quality comments. Literature?? oh the shame of it, the shame.
Thanks. Let's see how I can manage to respond. In kind is going to be unlikely. How about a beer next time I'm in the NW?? <-- Hint!
ww 21:16, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)
JWR, The short end of the stick has been delivered. I may never recover. Hope you find something of interest or of use aside from derision. ww 22:31, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)
JWR, I've made some changes to Enigma, but the larger ones will be slower in coming as they require more serious and lengthy work. And some thought about what was to have been the point of <whatever> in the first place.
Stupid ':'! I've been over history of literature several times and have 3 pages of notes, most of which are probably redundant as there is so much missing. I find myself stalling out on approach after approach. Having experienced my attempt at meadevial lit, do you still want some of my thoughts?
As for additional crypto articles, just pick one. Most of the general ones need work of one kind or another I suspect. Anything that seems missing (and of course it will be easy to see that won't it) will be especially valuable, I suspect.
ww 16:43, 19 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Thanks for supporting my nomination as an admin...

...I appreciate it. Dpbsmith 10:12, 17 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Anger, confusion
Persistance and will, progress
Love, Truth shows the path

Sam Spade 05:11, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)


I've started a quickpoll on banning Vogel. AndyL 18:49, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)


I copied your comment to Talk:Dan Waniek, and answered there. Sam Spade 21:38, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Paul is almost certainly a racist, but his curses arn't an act of racism, IMO, nor has he said or done anything on the wiki which is conclusively racist, that I have seen. IMO he is not a troll, but rather a nutter, who makes useful contributions of info and links to articles where his expertise lies. I am an advocate for him, BTW, but that hasn't stopped me from reverting/improving poor edits he has made, nor does it keep me from advising/scolding him where I feel it necessary. The spirit of the wiki encourages participation from all corners, and Paul has a valid (and not particularly uncommon, I might ad) POV. Your quite right he shouldn't be cursing anyone, but he is able to listen to reason, and has steadilly improved during his time here on the wiki. I remember his 1st edit... oh the memories... ;) . Anyways, the dirty truth is that you can't ban a troll, and interacting w paul in the wrong way (calling him a troll, banning him, harassing him undfairly and reverting good edits he makes, which I have seen done BTW...) could turn him into one, which we really don't need. Due to IP anonymization , AOL IP, and various other tricks, you can only sucessfully ban people who arn't motivated to cheat. The answer, IMO, is to make paul behave, not to rile him up unduely. Sam Spade 21:57, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I am NOT a "racist", "troll", "vandal", "nazi", "anti-semite", or any other slanderous "personal insult" label by an "ilk" of "lying hypocrites". The so-called "blood curse" was completely taken out of context, so I will quote it verbatim here: "The article section is "quite appropriate" for the reasons I have just given, what information, specifically, was "not suitable" and "why" for the position in the article? HOW DARE you personally insult me with falsely and personally insulting me and calling me any "anti-Semitic" or "troll nature" because you do not understand just how relevant and important that section within the article actually is? You are such an narrow-minded bigot that you do not see what the future holds for all Jews, everywhere, with your own selfish and biased bigotry and ignorant pov editing of the truth. A blood curse be upon all of your ilk that always censors the Truth for any such selfish and foolish and bigoted narrow-mindedness!"

Considering the pov censorship of a cabal and ilk of "lying hypocrites" and "slandering bigots", I consider what I had said quite mild and non-reactive.-PV

Paul, you may well feel that you are none of those things -- I can't know for sure. What I do know is that you've made comments that seem very racist and anti-semitic on the face of them. I do recognize that you feel provoked, and perhaps you are saying things you don't mean. But I think you're unwise not to apologize. You had been called about as many names, in my estimation, as you had called others names. Nobody gets a gold star in this for exemplary conduct. But your "blood curse" is even more disturbing in context than out of it (and I'd seen it in context anyway, though thank you for taking the time to be sure) -- I am sad that you seem to think it mild. It is nothing of the kind. It is a harsh reminder to all Jews of the kinds of persecution they have faced over the years. I wish you would consider their position and apologize for raising such an issue. If you think they are censoring you, you should respond, but do so calmly, no matter what names you are called. Focus on the issues at hand, not on calling people "narrow-minded bigots" and "lying hypocrites" (even if you feel they are calling you that sort of thing), and definitely avoid anything that makes it looks as though you are rearing anti-Semitism's ugly head again. Because of your personal opinions (which are moderately well-known), people are going to assume you will make racist comments. You need to rise above that and prove them wrong by being the model of polite behavior. If others are rude, that should not drag you down with them. And if I may be perfectly frank, my impression of the debate on that page is rather that you began the name-calling, and dragged them down. I may be wrong: what's important is that it stops now, and I believe you can stop it. Please do. Jwrosenzweig 15:30, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Hm. Welcome to the proud and elite group of people who have been blood cursed by PV! Snowspinner 15:26, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)
Well, first off he doesn't necessarilly listen to me. Secondly there isn't a clear policy on "curses". He came very close, but IMO did not cross the line of specifically making racist statements. He said something like 'consider the future of all Jews' or somesuch. Anyways, he is already being policed, and he is already banned, and he is already coming back to make more edits. The answer IMO is not to declare him a lost cause, and fight him/revert him/ban him where-ever you may find him, but rather to tell him what bothers you, and why, and politely ask him not to do it. To be frank Snowspinner was rude when he said the following:

' OK, short form of where I am on this.

1) Person editing in mentions of Palestinians is an anti-Semitic troll.

2) I am not opposed to discussing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I am largely sympathetic to the Palestinians. However, this is not the appropriate article for that issue.

3) Even if it were the appropriate article, the information being added was non-encyclopedic and not suitable for the position in the article in which it was being placed. Considering the aforementioned anti-Semitic troll nature of the author, I did not feel particularly inclined to waste my time revising it for them.

Snowspinner 00:37, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC) '

and while I don't think paul responded wisely, he was almost certainly upset, and being reactionary. In conclusion my goal is to make a good editor out of paul, (and maybe a better person) and not to kick him off the site (which isn't possible anyways). Sam Spade 22:12, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)
In my defense, the conversation had already gotten both heated and offensive by that point - if you check the past history of Talk:Holocaust you'll find some stuff I snipped out because it was just completely and utterly over the top. In hindsight, I should have left it in, because it puts my shortness with him in the above quoted passage in considerably more context. Also, note that he was using an IP at that point, and that only minor investigation showed that it was an IP he'd started using after getting another IP blocked. In other words, there was, based on the evidence in that thread, no reason to think he was anything more than an anti-Semitic vandal.Snowspinner 22:53, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I think Sam's defense of Paul is more political than anything else. He too makes racists comments and has sympathy for PV's views. I think there is an intersection of agendas here. GrazingshipIV 02:49, Apr 21, 2004 (UTC)

Shut up, you. Don't you have a bridge you could be hiding under? Sam Spade 02:54, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Some of us actually contribute unlike yourself. And try to stay topical this is about your fellow white seperatist friend not me. Your support of PV despite his repeated vandalism is rather transparent. GrazingshipIV 04:12, Apr 21, 2004 (UTC)

So little in common

So... what did you think of my latest haiku, anyways? ;)Sam Spade 22:22, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I often wear a bowler myself, much like this one [1] ;)Sam Spade 22:35, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)
along w our tastes in hats (what sort of specific hat do you like, BTW?) we also share an ability not to assume bad faith, but rather to wait until it jumps out and kicks us in the @$$ ;) I think we have come close to having an unpleasent exchange a time or two, but that our natural politeness and general goodwill got in the way. And in the and, thats a whole lot more important than sharing a POV, now isn't it? :) Sam Spade 22:49, 20 Apr 2004 (UTC)


What is the AC and how do I take Vogel there?AndyL 02:55, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)

The AC has agreed to hear the matter Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration AndyL 15:50, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Thanks for the clarification. Do you have any suggestions as to who would be most knowledgeble about Vogel's behaviour? I haven't actually been heavily involved with him directlyAndyL 16:04, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)

The election

I understand why you said what you did, and I agree that preserving confidence in the process while it's ongoing is also important. That's why I accompanied my concern with a personal expression of confidence in the work you and zanimum have been doing. Anyway, I would have just let your hint slide if zanimum hadn't persisted with additional comments in the same vein.

Even so, this is not a serious problem, I just wanted to nip it in the bud. Like you say, there should be no controversy about the results; even without hints, I can easily predict them by observing the group dynamics. I think I have a good guess about your "additional reason" too, but that's not really any business of mine.

You may also observe that as I write this, you have not received a vote from me. My mind was made up before the election started, so my concerns are only theoretical. I'm interested in having an election that treats all voters fairly, including those who may decide not to vote. I already know that my vote - and I will vote eventually - will be handled fairly and free from any undue influence. --Michael Snow 17:28, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)

About the sectioning, I've encountered the same problem occasionally in various places. I assumed that was why you posted above Angela instead of below, so I switched them around. I would think it's a bug in MediaWiki or something, but I don't know enough to diagnose the problem properly, let alone fix it. --Michael Snow 18:12, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)
Ah, thank you. Now I know what to look for next time. --Michael Snow 18:20, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Yes, that was definitely the most effective way. I've added some information about this to Wikipedia:Section in hopes of passing this knowledge on to other people like me who need the help. --Michael Snow 18:55, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Wow, Vogel's really gone off the deep end. Take a look at Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Paul Vogel and Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration AndyL 22:23, 21 Apr 2004 (UTC)

"I have gone off the deep end"? LOL! :D More psychological projection and lying hypocrisy! What else isn't new? -PV

Response to Vogel

Vogel, I wonder what a psychiatrist would make of your hatred of Jews and your worship of Freud and Sagan? He'd probably say you have a severe inferiority complex and deal with your feelings of inadequacy when you compare yourself to your Jewish heroes by acting out in anti-Jewish behaviour. AndyL 01:47, 23 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I have finished Greek Philosophies on Republic. Please read it ALL before you start reverting and deleting it. Thanks for your challenges because it made me do more research, clarified and modified my conclusions and came to greater knowledge on the subject. Iron sharpens Iron. Maybe this article can now be moved to replace the Republic site.WHEELER 13:58, 22 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I can read your mind

I react with the speed of light. moink 23:07, 22 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Thank you for the nomination. --H CHENEY 01:02, 23 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I have a reference from an book saying that the founding fathers are reactionary. I bet if I was at a University library, I can find twenty more quotes just like that. Andy reverts with no quotes. I have another book that says the original party of monarchists in France was called the "Reactionary" Party. But Andy reverts that also. Why isn't this guy reigned in. See, if things don't pass Andy's POV and inspection he revert it out AND NEEDS NO QUOTES OR SOURCES TO DO SO. NO thanks. I see Andy had free reign here. If he reverts, He must provide quotes and sources. SITE YOUR SOURCES is WIKIPEDIAN POLICY but that is not happening. WHEELER 14:15, 23 Apr 2004 (UTC)


I think that User:WHEELER has bizarre political obsessions. Furthermore, he's inarticulate, incoherent (many of his sentences don't make sense), and imposes an extreme bias into the article. On some occasions, he even forces blatant untruths ("the Russian monarchy was enlightened like the British") into the text. Also, his edit often are besides the topic.

Is there nothing we can do? I don't think we should spend time arguing with somebody who seems more fit for mental treatment than for writing an encyclopedia. David.Monniaux 17:12, 23 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Thanks for the message you left on my page; given your past additions to the baseball articles, I wouldn't be surprised to see us both working on a page at some point. MisfitToys 02:20, Apr 24, 2004 (UTC)


Vogel is in arbitration. If you have any comments go to Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Paul Vogel AndyL

About the Nihilartikel

Hi, I overworked the translation of the Nihilartikel-article ;), as you wished. Please take a look at it - feel free to reverse changes if it's for the better.
Wasn't 100% sure about the word "Art" that was used in a chapter title. You cannot really translate the german "Art" with the english "Art" - I would translate it with "nature" - but since the next word was already translated with "nature", I chose "character". It fits as translation - but dont know if it sounds correct in english. --Thomas 17:00, 27 Apr 2004 (UTC)

BTW: Jmabel has already changed some parts. You can see a posting about this at his talk page.--Thomas 01:31, 28 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Hello Jwrosenzweig!

Thanks for your valuable cleanup. "El Guapo" now looks better.

MusiCitizen 17:12, Apr 27, 2004 (UTC)

By the way, thank you for your kind words on my talk page. UninvitedCompany 19:50, 28 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Hi. Since I deleted this article this evening according to wikipedia policy, someone has listed it on Wikipedia:Votes for undeletion. Please pay a visit and vote for it to stay deleted. -- Graham  :) | Talk 03:08, 30 Apr 2004 (UTC)

AMA Coordinator

Ironic it is
In an open election
Some things must be closed

A poor haiku, I'm afraid, coming from a total amateur. It doubles as an inadequate expression of thanks for your help with this election. --Michael Snow 23:15, 30 Apr 2004 (UTC)

AMA thanks

Excerpted from User_talk:Zanimum#Election

Bravo to you, for taking the lion's share of work on the election (I felt bad, but somehow every time I checked the email you'd already been there and replied!). Thank goodness that little chapter in our Wikicareers is over with. :-) Well done. Jwrosenzweig 19:52, 30 Apr 2004 (UTC)
Bravo to you for your representing us so well on the AMA discussion boards. I'm glad its over too, yet they say there's going to be an election every 6 months. How do you get a haiku, and I don't? ;-) -- user:zanimum


Please block User: if you haven't done so for vandalism and a personal attack. He/She has had enough warnings already. Thanks. --Lst27 22:13, 3 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]


My main concern is that people will expect me to get involved in blocking people, a role I generally don't want. -- Jmabel 23:21, 3 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]

Weather photos

Thanks for the compliment on my photos. Since there's little to no likelihood I'll be a published photographer before I'm yanked onto the next mortal coil, I have no problem uploading larger images. You said "two or three". If you pop the thumbs on my talk page and I'll fulfil your request. Requested fee: nominate one or two of them for feature image. Does it work for you? Denni 07:14, 2004 May 5 (UTC)

It does. I'm taking a wikiholiday (this'll be my last edit for a number of days, maybe a week) but once back I'm happy to oblige. Look for a note on your talk page early next week. :-) Jwrosenzweig 07:18, 5 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]
Hi there - as per your request, I've upsized the four images to approx 288x432dpi. You can find them at User:Dwindrim/images. I've had to rename them - despite all my attempts, I've never been able to get a new image to save under its own name and replace the one already there. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Denni 02:41, 2004 May 11 (UTC)

Seeing Denni's sunset prompted me to upload one of my own. What do you think? - Gaz 17:03, 13 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]

PGP candidacy

jwr, You don't owe me any comments, though if you want to contribute some... Your contributions at Enigma were more than sufficient to cover any debt (?what?), and have yet to be implemented fully as I've been wary of plunging in. The yellow streak bothers me sometimes, but usually clothes conceal...

Your observations on PGP are accurate, and they bother me some as well (I've used the term 'choppy'), but there's a problem. Crypto is picky picky stuff, and the details matter, every blasted one of them. For a user learning about PGP (at more than the 'what is it' level), those details will be important. It's partly this quandry which led me to beg and plead and whine and grovel for outside eyes. I don't think there's a solution that will satisfy all: the literary types who want something well written, the technical types who don't care about the writing but want something complete and thorough, the tourists who just want to pick up a few concepts and maybe some jargon, the fan(atic)s who want every aspect covered in detail, the ... well you get the idea. More in crypto than in most engineering fields I think, because of its peculiar quality as an engineering discipline. I'll have a go at PGP, attempting to restructure, but I can't promise too much without leaving out stuff the reader should know. Take a look in a day or two, if you will.

Still pondering history of literature. The paralysis should be wearing off shortly, or at least so the docs claim. But you know them. Who can believe anything they say with that hearty 'talking to the kids about the Tooth Fairy' tone? There's hope apparently. ww 14:27, 11 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]


Well, I'm not really a morning person.  ;) But I'll see what I can think of... Morwen 18:20, May 12, 2004 (UTC)

what the hell do you want me to put on stuff that your interested in? than why dont you just write my articles for me. for god sakes theirs a page on oral sex so why cant there be a page on what a PHTW is. I just dont know what you people want

--Yammy Yamathorn 22:11, 12 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]


Check to see if there exists a WVFD-AM, WVFD-FM, or WVFD-TV that you can manke WVFD a re-direct to (or a dis-ambiguation if at least 2 of these exist.) 22:21, 12 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]

I've checked -- I'm afraid the only "WVFD"s are numerous minor fire departments, none of which seem to be worthy of an encyclopedia article. If you come across a broadcast station with those call letters, by all means add it! Jwrosenzweig 22:23, 12 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]


Oops - thanks for spotting that one! Mark Richards 19:38, 14 May 2004 (UTC) Thanks for calling me on the procedure! Mark Richards 20:31, 14 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you for the help, and kind words. Mark Richards 20:49, 14 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]

Aw, shucks, it ain't nuthin'. Seriously, what it needs is an expert on medical things to take a look--I'm sure there's stuff I missed. Best wishes, Meelar 20:39, 14 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks and THANKS

Thanks for reverting my page, the change was done under an IP so it was good of you to revert the edit (but as it was me anyway, I have unreverted you, though :).

And THANKS for the support. I know I may be ultra-over-reacting to just ONE person's comment, but if you had followed the mailing list discussion... And ... well, I am a bit over sensitive to nonsensical statements like the ones I quoted there, but you know, what can one say to that?

I'm not leaving, I'm just trying to cool down and get a better perspective of what contributing to Wikipedia may mean and how to do it (if I decide to) the best way...

Probably I'll have to say as T.S. Eliot (Ash Wednesday):

And pray that I may forget
These matters that with myself I too much discuss
Too much explain

(...and a bit later, I think, as a prayer)

Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still.

Hope you like the quotations at least ;) Pfortuny 07:56, 15 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]

Namespace open, you may apply

I would like to quote the owner of this site and unscramble it like here for your sake:

"I apologize if you didn't like the tone of the above, but really your username is offensive. It's very important that administrators recognize that their role is purely technical, and not that of a "police force". Those who have a "cop" attitude simply cause disruption for the users.

We are a loving, co-operative environment. Your desire to help is very much appreciated, believe me. But take a more co-operative and helpful approach, and you'll be much better received. Jimbo Wales 20:07, 29 Apr 2004 (UTC) "

I would like to see more love in action, or even made, but not talked about like here above. Hope this helps. If not, the Wikipolice namespace is open, and IMNSHO you may apply :O) - irismeister 11:43, 2004 May 16 (UTC)

I find your comments rude and unperceptive -- you are the only person I know who finds my approach here anything but careful and pleasant. I am willing to accept that I have not always acted with perfect prudence, but I have been so demeaningly and patronizingly dealt with by you that I believe occasional minor lapses on my part are understandable (though I will attempt to avoid them entirely in future). And I know Jimbo well enough to know he's not calling me a wikipoliceman with the above statement, even if you find it unclear. If you can't be polite, then please don't leave messages here. Jwrosenzweig 15:50, 17 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]
It was only an offer. Buy it or leave it. We all know you are a Wikicop, and we can measure your Wikicopness precisely by your articles-you-initiated/articles-you-only-trolled ratio. As for not answering my questions and feigning the interest in iridology you don't have, this is only a Wikicop's attitude. We'll monitor your activity and we'll temptatively get you off the Wikicop list once you prove you are worthy enough. Hope this helps - irismeister 07:45, 2004 May 18 (UTC)
I have, according to the list clearly posted on my user page, initiated at least 99 articles at Wikipedia, and have trolled none. Even if I assume you feel I have trolled Iridology (a charge I reject completely), I submit that 99:1 is a far better ratio than many I can think of. No, it doesn't help, Irismeister. Go waste someone else's time with your groundless charges and petty temper tantrums. Jwrosenzweig 17:24, 18 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]