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Wiki technology is not the best approach to threaded discussions; it's especially poor at two-way conversations. The workaround of User talk pages makes matters worse. It's common to have a long discussion fragmented between two such pages, with half of the discussion on each page; this makes it difficult to follow even for the participants, let alone third parties -- and since no page is private, third parties must be assumed. Wise editors may wish to merge such fragmented discussions onto a single page.

{{tmfrom}} and {{tmto}} work together to document such merges; without some notice, confusion may result in unintended effects, especially if the merged discussion is contentious.



Substitute this template on any page where you remove a comment for merging elsewhere. The destination parameter is the full name of the destination page -- where you merged the comment to. Suggest you sign this merge notice (˜˜˜˜).


Fragmented discussion merged to Template talk:Tmfrom -- please avoid fragmented discussions.


Fragmented discussion merged from Template talk:Tmto -- please avoid fragmented discussions.


Created and documented 16:25, 2005 Jun 1 (UTC) — Xiongtalk*


Some may not agree with the general philosophy of merging fragmented discussions, but those who agree will make these merges anyway. Properly documenting them is in everyone's interest. — Xiongtalk* 16:25, 2005 Jun 1 (UTC)